Termite Control Service

Post Construction Anti Termite treatment:-

These treatments are aimed at controlling termite infestation in built-up structures. Once the termites start invading the premises, these pests can damage and destroy all wooden fixtures, important documents, stationary, insulation of wiring etc. To control these pests, a step-by-step procedure is followed, involving treating all the wooden fixtures with termiticides via holes drilled at strategic places, an oil based coat of wood preservative cum insecticides, fumigation of termite outlets, conduit pipes etc.

Termite Control (Pre Construction):-
Pre construction Anti Termite treatment: This treatment is a scientifically derived, stage by stage treatment where the treatment against possible attack by termites is thwarted. These stages are aligned with the progress in construction where chemical barriers are created in the soil against termites at each stage.
Typically, these stages include:

Foundation Trench treatment: this treatment is carried out after the excavation is over and before laying the concrete. The entire base area is treated with chemical emulsion.

Backfilled Soil Treatment: Once the soil is filled along the walls and columns up to the ground level, the soil needs to be treated; insecticide emulsion is injected under pressure into the soil by grouting holes along the walls and columns.

Under Floor Treatment: – After the floor is filled up to the plinth level and compacted, the entire carpet area is grouted once again and a chemical emulsion is injected. This is done before laying of sand on the floor.

Treatment along External Wall Perimeter: A final chemical barrier is created along the outer wall perimeter of the built up area against any termite attack from outside the building. This is done by grouting along the outer wall and injecting the insecticide emulsion.

Post Construction Anti Termite treatment:
Chemicals being used are: –
a- Chlorpyriphos-20% E.C.
b- Imidacloprid-30.5% SC and
c- Bifenthrin-2.5%EC

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